The Problem

Tennessee has the highest beer tax rate in the nation, 12% higher than No. 2 Alaska, and rising higher every year. It is so high that if you cut it in half, it would still be the 11th highest. The current law, enacted in the 1950s, taxes beer based on price rather than volume, making Tennessee one of only two states in the country that burdens its businesses -- and ultimately its consumers -- this way.

Why You Should Care

These policies are:
  • Driving up beer prices
  • Limiting consumer choice by driving product off the shelves
  • Discouraging craft beer entrepreneurs from building their businesses
  • Giving Tennessee a bad rap as the country's top beer taxer

The Solution

The solution to this problem is the Beer Tax Reform Act of 2013, which has been introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly as reform for the tax that ales Tennessee. This reform will fix the antiquated law and make the tax fairer for consumers and local brewers. Please contact your legislator here and let them know you want them to support this important legislation.
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